Love Our Land

A Land Ethic Summit

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Our region is one of the most biodiverse on the planet: from snow-capped volcanoes to bountiful farmland, old growth cedar forests to rocky beaches; our home is abound with natural glory and rapid development.

Spurred by our collaboration with author and educator JM Fortier, this November we are hosting Love our Land, a day long summit and dialog with our community about the future of land use in King County.

What do you love most about our land? What do you want to see survive into the future?
What actions can you take to ensure this vision?

Join Ecolibrium Farms along with Thought Leaders in a community brainstorm working towards answering these questions. We will share our unique perspectives on this topic and envision a shared future of our region. Special Guests include -

Graham Smith - Indie Wineries

Amy Moreno-Sills - PCC Farmland Trust

JM Fortier - The Market Gardener

Greta Hardin - Female Farmer Project

Roger Fernandez - native storyteller

Stephen Antupit - MetroAG Strategies

Jeff Rogers - Snoqualmie Valley Lamb

Kyle Mylius - Green Canopy

Where: The Collective

When: 10AM-6PM November 3rd, 2018

Why Hold a Summit?

The population of our region continues to increase dramatically, as does the development of our land. Like many of our partners, we believe that we can do more together than alone, and want to provide a space for collaboration and knowledge-sharing between those who live in the region:

When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.
— Aldo Leopold
  • To learn and understand the complexities of our ecosystem and environment.

  • To form commensal and symbiotic relationships with the organisms and organizations in our ecosystem and environment.

  • To give more than we take and to leave the land better than we found it by fostering biodiversity and health.

  • To protect the that which we hold dear.

When people feel comfortable to be themselves, they do their most creative thinking, speaking, and listening.
— World Cafe Model

Summit Schedule

10am Morning Session includes Welcome & Opening Circle, Thought Leader Presentations and World Cafe Method Discussion.

1-2:30pm Lunch & Digestion with meal provided by Ecolibrium Farms and time to relax (restorative yoga, giant hammock relaxation, etc)

2:30pm Afternoon Session includes Open Space Method Collaborative Module and another round of World Cafe Method to develop a Plan of Action.

5pm Cocktail Hour with Indie Wineries to wind down the day


Pre-register for our early bird price of $55! Tickets are $85 at the door.

We are offering two other options to support meaningful access at different economic levels.

SUPPORT! Are able to invest in regenerative agriculture and our efforts to make this gathering and others accessible, if so please consider the SUPPORTING rate.

SUPPORTED! If you need financial support to join the summit, please contact us to see how we can help.

About Our Partners

Indie Wineries

Indie Wineries believes the future of the wine business is in being connected to all components of the wine world through a company with both roots in the marketplace as well as the vineyards.

We are a family-owned operation who supports all the other family-owned businesses. We believe in an organic lifestyle and in the discovery, promotion, and support of honest people making honest wines.

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The Collective

The Collective is a brand new urban basecamp for the mind, body and soul. A vibrant, members-only community in the heart of South Lake Union, it merges dynamic space, active members, neat programs, and craveable food + beverage offerings.

At The Collective, bouldering, food, drink, art, music, tech-free hammock garden, and collaborative zones create a space for comfort and community, positive impact, creative collisions and peak experiences.

We are a diverse community of members who thrive on adventure, shared ideas and purpose. We believe that genuine relationships and social capital can be built around the common goal of improving our world.


Frankie & Jo’s

Frankie & Jo’s mission is to radically shift they way you think about ice cream. Co-founders by Kari Brunson and Autumn Martin are steadfast and committed to making the most delicious and creative plant-based ice cream you have ever had and cultivating a team that gives extremely attentive and nurturing customer service. Our company wants to make a positive impact on the communities of people, animals and plants everywhere. Welcome to your new favorite ice cream.

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