Market Gardening with JM Fortier



a 2-day training with JM Fortier

Like many of our neighbor farmers, we believe in growing healthy soil that will provide healthy vegetables. We know that inputs and physical systems are the biggest barrier to successful small-scale organic agriculture.  We believe that we can do more together than alone, and want to provide a space for collaboration and knowledge sharing between farmers from across the region. We are pleased to bring Jean-Martin Fortier to the Sammamish Valley to share his trials and successes of “human-scale agriculture” with our local community of farmers.

Spurred by our collaboration with JM, this November we are also hosting Love our Land, a day long summit and dialog with our community about the future of land use in King County.

 Workshop Schedule

Thursday Nov 1

9am-12pm JM Fortier Farming Techniques

12-1 Lunch prepared by Ecolibrium Farms

1-4pm JM Fortier Farming Techniques

4-5pm 21 Acres focus TBD

5-6pm Happy Hour

Friday Nov 2

9am-12pm JM Fortier Farming Techniques

12-1 Lunch prepared by Ecolibrium Farms 

1-4pm JM Fortier Farming Techniques

4-5pm 21 Acres focus TBD

Tickets include workshop, lunch both days, and Thursday happy hour



Early Bird $200 (available to the first 10 people to register) SOLD OUT

Before Sept 15 $250 SOLD OUT

After Sept 15 $300 SOLD OUT



November 1-2, 2018, in partnership with Ecolibrium Farms and 21 Acres, JM brings his two day seminar to the Pacific Northwest. Participants will learn the many tools to his success, including both physical techniques and management practices that enliven his agro-ecological approach to market gardening.

Working with Living Soils - From perma-beds, to using Ramial chipped wood, to learning how to rely on compost teas and going beyond no-till in very specific ways.

New (newer) Tools for the Market Garden - Tools like double wheel hoes and flex-tine cultivators can accelerate cultivation efficiency tenfold, while hacks in the wash station can change the way you farm. Farm management software may seem extravagant, but can keep you well organized and able to enjoy more down time.

Standard Operating Procedures - Why use standard operating procedures? SOP’s are sets of step-by-step instructions that help achieve efficiency, quality output, and uniformity of performance with your crew. We’ll explore examples, benefits, and challenges.

Mastermind Group—Hits and Misses From Last Season - Participants will share their own success stories and failures from the 2017 growing season. The objective will be to determine and collectively troubleshoot problems that each grower is personally facing. JM’s experience with bio-intensive farming, determining niche markets for maximum profits, and developing standard operating procedures will allow him to contribute and reference both physical and organizational tools that have served him well.

Crop Planning and Farm Management - In this session, JM will walk you through his whole farm plan. With the use of farm management software he will show you how to design seasonal crop rotations, establish field blocks, create calendars that track yields and financial outcomes, break down farm labour costs, and determine profit margin comparisons. Whether using a software platform or an Excel spreadsheet, this information will give you the insight to interpret important data that will influence your decisions.


About Jean-Martin Fortier

Jean-Martin Fortier (JM) is a farmer, educator and best-selling author specializing in organic and biologically intensive vegetable production.  His award-winning book, The Market Gardener, has inspired hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide to re-imagine ecological human-scale food systems. His message is one of empowerment in order to educate, encourage and inspire people into pursuing a farming career and lifestyle.

As an educator, JM places a strong emphasis on intelligent farm design, appropriate technologies and harnessing the power of soil biology as key components of successful farming. A storyteller who weaves the technical aspects of farming with anecdotes from his farm, he has facilitated hundreds of workshops, seminars and conferences in Canada, Europe, Australia and the United States.  His methods and practices are featured in The Market Gardener's Toolkit, an educational documentary produced by Possible Media, and in The Market Gardener's Masterclass, an online course for professional growers.


About Our Partners

Market Gardening 2.0 will take place at 21 Acres. 21 Acres is a dynamic place for dialogue, testing, improvements, adjustments, and changes that inspire people to think about systems differently – a living laboratory! Founded in 2006, 21 Acres promote the benefits of local food systems within the context of climate challenges. They explore the relationship between natural and built environments, and the transition from an unsustainable, fossil fuel-based lifestyle to sustainable and regenerative ways of living.