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Ecolibrium Farms works to strengthen our regional community and the world at large through intentional, symbiotic partnerships. We think of success in terms of generations, not years.

Together we’re nurturing new ideas about community, farms and ecology in King County.

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Alex Meizlish

Founder // Farm Director


After university Alex landed in California, teaching environmental education in the Bay Area and the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.  His burgeoning love of the environment and teaching pushed him to take a closer look at the food system and the impact our eating has on the environment.  

He started his first farm - Two Oaks Farm - just outside of Yosemite National Park in 2008.  Later he moved to the PNW, pursuing his master's in nutrition and psychology while continuing to develop thoughts around the food system and our cognitive, emotional and physical relationships to food.  

Alex brings a decade of experience farming and even longer being as a naturalist. From days spent observing the daily cycles of insects and animals, to watching the weather and seeing the impact on the soil and land to the phenology of flora and fauna, Alex's values are deeply tied to ecological and emotional health.  

The farm is where nature and culture intersect. He believes eating healthy food, and being a part of its creation, is a natural right and paramount to well-being.  

Micah Mowrey

Co-Founder // Culinary Director


Micah’s journey towards farming started with the realization that food at its deepest essence is an exchange of life and death. 

While studying Kaiseki in Japan, he was introduced to the concept of shun, the exact moment an ingredient is at its peak. This concept grew into his larger appreciation for the bounty of our seasons, and the limitations they put on local cuisine. His personal cuisine, and food ethic developed, his focus was distilled. 

Alex and Micah met on the farm and immediately began expanding on the ideas of a local cuisine built on local agriculture. The farm magic spun its spell. They questioned: how to forge the ethereal into the real? Ecolibrium was born, a thing both new and old. 

After working in restaurants around the world, he finds himself marveling at the beauty of a baby lamb or bumblebee. His challenge is to develop both a regional cuisine and the agricultural systems capable of sustaining our community. More than anything he believes the answer is to share the beauty that Ecolibrium’s farm offers, to share incredible experiences, to show the possible.

Kate Ueland

Farm Dietitian


Kate Ueland is a registered dietitian working at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. She also teaches biology and nutrition at Cornish College of The Arts in Seattle, Washington. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington in Biochemistry and her master’s degree from Bastyr University. 

Her research interests are in prevention of cancer especially in breast and ovarian cancers and in sports nutrition. She enjoys the outdoors and is an avid climber and snowboarder. She also enjoys yoga and spending time with her family and friends cooking and sharing adventures throughout the world.

Joy Randall

Assistant Farm Manager


Perhaps the best way to describe Joy is through one of her favorite quotes by David Foster Wallace: “There are all different kinds of freedom, and the kind that is most precious you will not hear much talked about in the great outside world of winning and achieving and displaying. The really important kind of freedom involves attention, and awareness, and discipline, and effort, and being able to truly care about other people and to sacrifice for them, over and over in myriad petty little ways, every day.”

Pierson Shimon

Culinary Lead


Food is Pierson’s life, and cooking the catalyst that has fueled his passion.  The ultimate truth seeker, he is constantly asking big questions, relentlessly digging deeper.  After 15 years working in and managing kitchens his hunt for flavor’s root brought him to the field.  Intuitively he knew that great ingredients were the foundation of delicious food. The attraction to farming, and the lessons it teaches, became undeniable.  

He is often heard telling his friends and family of the importance of getting your hands in the dirt, of experiencing something irrefutably soothing and fulfilling. A true connection to the world we live in. 

Farming and cooking are two halves of the equation, and Pierson wants them both.

Rebekah Papé

Director of Community and Outreach


Rebekah’s interest in food systems began while living in Italy, where she noticed a funny thing.  Eating well is a basic right, not a privilege.  She returned to the Pacific Northwest just as local food was becoming a hot topic (hooray!), yet a healthy lifestyle seemed attainable only to those with lots of money living in the right neighborhood.  Her job as a Legislative Aid for the Seattle City Council led to graduate school at Antioch University to study Whole Systems Design.  Through the lens of systems thinking, Rebekah specialized in Sustainable Food Systems, Permaculture Design, and Sustainable Change.  At the same time, she completed her 200 hr and 500 hr yoga teacher certifications with advanced training in Ayurveda, Pranayama, Meditation, and Compassionate Communication.  

Rebekah’s diverse studies and background find common ground at Ecolibrium Farms.  She is passionate about exploring wellness, community, and social change through our connection to food.  Though she confesses to being a foodie, her interest in farm to table extends beyond the perfect localvore plate. Rebekah is deeply committed to social justice efforts that shift patterns of inequality by focusing on food access and affordability, as well as efforts to increase participation in the rituals of gathering, preparing, and eating food.

Molly Abromitis

Aesthetic & Design


Molly first felt called to work as a companion of earth after learning about the destructive impacts human culture has on the natural world. Pursuing this passion overseas, it was in the remote villages of Thailand’s farm province that she saw firsthand a completely different way of life: one centered around local community, seasonality and dependence on plants. There she felt inspired to bring these concepts back home and work to close the disconnect between human culture and the natural world. 

Completing her studies, Molly moved to the mountains to cultivate her own relationship with plants. She began farming for her community and apprenticing with a local plant alchemist to explore natural intelligence beyond the physical world. This lifestyle lead her to unlock her own capacity to connect intuitively with plants, and thereafter to create her own plant potions. 

Molly now owns her own business, Mabro Studio, a space to share her unique expression and love of nature through alchemy, art, and design. Partnering with Ecolibrium Farms, Molly cultivates her own plants and herbs to share with the community and experiments with new ways to integrate the serene effects nature brings into our daily lives. 

Josephine Edmondson

Farm Yoga Teacher


Josephine Edmondson is known for her poetic, free-spirited approach to teaching yoga. Her classes are shaped by intimate breathwork, deep meditation, mindful movement and immediate presence.
She encourages you as a student to slowly sense and trust your intuition, becoming conscious and awake in the body. This process helps to retrieve your inner power, allowing you to tune in fully, instead of suffering and numbing out.

Josephine’s style of yoga is inspired by kundalini, hatha, tantra, restorative and yin styles. She has studied under Elena Brower, Krishna Kaur, Hari Kaur Khalsa, Danny Arguetty and David Elliott over the last nine years. 

If you have a hunger for a deeply meaningful practice, and want tools to help navigate the external world, come to Jo’s class. It will be a lovely homecoming. 

200-hour ryt, kripalu yoga institute
500-hour ryt, sacred lasya


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