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Ecolibrium Farms works to strengthen our regional community and the world at large through intentional, symbiotic partnerships. We think of success in terms of generations, not years.

Together we’re nurturing new ideas about community, farms and ecology in the Sammamish Valley.

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Alex Meizlish

Founder // Farm Director


After university Alex landed in California, teaching environmental education in the Bay Area and the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.  His burgeoning love of the environment and teaching pushed him to take a closer look at the food system and the impact our eating has on the environment.  

He started his first farm - Two Oaks Farm - just outside of Yosemite National Park in 2008.  Later he moved to the PNW, pursuing his master's in nutrition and psychology while continuing to develop thoughts around the food system and our cognitive, emotional and physical relationships to food.  

Alex brings a decade of experience farming and even longer being as a naturalist. From days spent observing the daily cycles of insects and animals, to watching the weather and seeing the impact on the soil and land to the phenology of flora and fauna, Alex's values are deeply tied to ecological and emotional health.  

The farm is where nature and culture intersect. He believes eating healthy food, and being a part of its creation, is a natural right and paramount to well-being.  

Kyle Bopes

Culinary Director

Kyle Bopes Photo.jpg

Spending his childhood in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, Kyle grew a love of cooking, wide open vistas, and wood fire. In hopes of expanding his culinary career, he moved to Seattle and began working in the kitchen at Bar Sajor, then moved to cooking with the opening staff at Salare, and finally transitioned to Sous Chef at Junebaby - James Beard Award winning Best New Restaurant 2018. Seeing the beautiful produce and the ebbs and flows of the PNW seasons, he began to understand the importance of the land and the farmers that tend to it. Getting closer to this process became irresistible and drew Kyle towards his new position as Culinary Director at Ecolibrium. Kyle has a keen eye for the detail within simplicity, and loves to translate that into the wonderful trouble of cooking and learning. Learn More.

Rebekah Papé

Director of Community & Outreach


Rebekah’s interest in food systems began while living in Italy, where she noticed a funny thing.  Eating well is a basic right, not a privilege.  She returned to the Pacific Northwest just as local food was becoming a hot topic (hooray!), yet a healthy lifestyle seemed attainable only to those living affluent lives in the right neighborhood.  Her job as a Legislative Aid for the Seattle City Council led to graduate school at Antioch University to study Whole Systems Design.  Through the lens of systems thinking, Rebekah specialized in Sustainable Food Systems, Permaculture Design, and Sustainable Change.  At the same time, she completed her 200 hr and 500 hr yoga teacher certifications with advanced training in Ayurveda, Pranayama, Meditation, and Compassionate Communication.  

Rebekah’s diverse studies and background find common ground at Ecolibrium Farms.  She is passionate about exploring wellness, community, and social change through our connection to food.  Though she confesses to being a foodie, her interest in farm to table extends beyond the perfect localvore plate. Rebekah is deeply committed to social justice efforts that shift patterns of inequality by focusing on food access and affordability, as well as efforts to increase participation in the rituals of gathering, preparing, and eating food.

Pierson Shimon

Assistant Farm Manager + Sous Chef


Food is Pierson’s life, and cooking the catalyst that has fueled his passion.  The ultimate truth seeker, he is constantly asking big questions, relentlessly digging deeper.  After 15 years working in and managing kitchens his hunt for flavor’s root brought him to the field.  Intuitively he knew that great ingredients were the foundation of delicious food. The attraction to farming, and the lessons it teaches, became undeniable.  

He is often heard telling his friends and family of the importance of getting your hands in the dirt, of experiencing something irrefutably soothing and fulfilling. A true connection to the world we live in. 

Farming and cooking are two halves of the equation, and Pierson wants them both.


Stefanie Karlin

Chief of Staff


Stefanie Karlin comes to Ecolibrium with a diverse background built on her vast array of passions. In 2014 Stefanie founded, Squid MGMT, a management company focused on producing and promoting many of Seattle's most successful dance and performance companies including zoe | juniper, Amy O'Neal, Kate Wallich and The YC and KT Niehoff. She also brings 10+ years of experience working in the not-for-profit art sector at organizations such as Velocity Dance Center, Seattle International Film Festival, and Chicago Public Radio. She has also worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and strength coach for 13+ years.

Her passion for farming and food was primarily founded through her 13 year friendship with Ecolibrium Owner Alex Meizlish, who has been slowly but steadily opening her eyes to the wonders and diversity of the food biosphere. Stef worked alongside Alex for a single season harvest at his first farm, Two Oaks, in CA. She has witnessed the growth and creation of Ecolibrium since day one and is thrilled to officially join the team this season, bringing  her skills for organizational structures and business development to the table. When she isn't at the farm she is likely out galavanting with her best friend (dog) Norman or training for her next Olympic Weightlifting meet.


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