A Farmer's Solstice Reflection


‘Tis the season of darkness, rest, and renewal. As we pause to reflect on 2018 at Ecolibrium, we asked our Founder and Farm Director Alex Meizlish about the significance of this time of year for himself, our business, and the land.

The farm in December…

Our winter storage bins are full of Galeux d'Eysines, Winter Luxury & Marina di Chioggia Squash, Potatoes and Garlic from the 2017 harvest. Out in the fields we’re growing Daikon Radishes, Scarlet Queen and Niseko Turnips, Cabbage, Leeks, and Dragon, Yaya and Atlas Carrots. We’re overwintering Garlic, Shallots, and Fava. The Greenhouse is nurturing Lettuce.

Farmers around the country, including our amazing team, are taking time to reflect on the season, meet up at conferences, and connect with each other as we make decisions on how to make 2019 the best growing season any of us have had.   

Our ecological principles have always put soil and ecosystems at the forefront, as we know growing great produce can be easy if we first cultivate robust, biologically active soil. Regenerative agriculture is coming into the spotlight as people begin to see some of the failures of the organic certification. Though the US government passed the farm bill in early December, it had lapsed two months prior. So, shockingly, for the past two months much of the legislation passed in the 1938 and 1949 farm bills were the law of the land. Can you imagine tax laws reverting to that of 1938?

Much can be said about the politics of farming, but without a doubt supporting local producers, knowing your farmer, and growing your own food goes a long way towards making farming apolitical. 

Rebekah Pape