Cooking Classes

Learn how to pick the best ingredients, use kitchen tools effectively, and cook effortlessly with a root-to-leaf approach. Our Culinary Director has created curriculum designed to build critical kitchen skills, develop foundational understanding of eating locally, and optimize your experience to ensure you have a good time while you are learning.


2019 Class Schedule


____ 5 Ways

What to do with it all!

So you bought our CSA (or any CSA - spread the love!) and now you are learning the first step in eating seasonally. You have more _ _ _ _ than you know what to do with. This is how seasonality works. When the tomatoes are ready, there is no shortage of them. But instead of fighting the rhythm of Mother Nature, let’s learn to work with her. Each of these 2.5 hour experiences will provide you the tools and recipes to confidently conquer dinner all season!

Each evening will include several methods and techniques including preservation to help you get the most out of the farm all year long. All classes are Thursdays 6-8:30pm and include dinner and drinks.

September 19: Tomatoes

October 3: Peppers

October 24: Winter Squash

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Campfire Cooking

Who says you need a gas range and an oven to prepare dinner? At Ecolibrium most of our culinary events are prepared over open-fire in our wall-less kitchen. Join Kyle to prepare a PNW meal to remember - and gain the skills to seriously impress your friends next time you go glamping!

Each of these sessions will include a demonstration on how to start the perfect cooking fire, a breakdown on our favorite tools to use when cooking outside and an experience preparing a classic PNW meal. Saturdays 6-8:30pm - dinner and drinks included.

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