What is Ecolibrium?

At Ecolibrium we believe protecting the land that supports and nourishes our families also strengthens ourselves, our businesses, and our economy. Our mission is to grow ecological and community resilience by bringing people closer to themselves, each other, and nature.

Together with our partners we transform underutilized indoor and outdoor spaces into beautiful and bountiful food production. We empower teams to be collaborative and driven tribes. We make workspaces healthy, comfortable, and energizing. We feed our community sustainable food that fuels our dreams and our families. We improve what we have, give more than we take, and eat off of the land we live on. 

We think of success in terms of generations, not years. A thriving and sustainable agricultural system will support our entire community, feed us and our descendants in perpetuity, and provide a space for people to celebrate and enjoy nature.

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We started Ecolibrium because we believe that growing food in an ecologically sound manner enhances the health and vitality of our natural ecosystems and the human experience at large.

Our guiding principles include:

  • Certified organic fields adhering to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) standards

  • Permanent beds to help increase soil health and

  • Dynamic Pest Management

  • No-till, low disturbance soil practices to enhance the biodiversity of the soil



At Ecolibrium, the ethos of the farm is shared by our culinary team, which - like our farmers - view cooking as an agricultural process. And everyday we work to make our food system more local, connected, and resilient. Here are just a few of our core values:

  • Farm-driven, seasonal menu planning

  • Quality is paramount, in both product and process

  • Wood fired and other natural/traditional cooking techniques

  • Whole animal - Whole plant  - Preserve when possible

  • Have fun and share it with others!