Market Gardening with JM Fortier


A Week of Farming Workshops
October 13 - 16, 2019

We are thrilled to have JM Fortier returning to the PNW for a second year of farming workshops. And this year we are expanding the ways you can engage with JM and his team. If you are newer to farming the 1-day workshop is a great point of entry for diving into Market Gardening techniques and methodology. And if you are more experienced and looking for an intensive session - Market Gardening 3.0 will cover the full scope. Plus, we will be hosting a community forum with local farmers in the city, a great way for farm supporters and those curious to learn more to engage. Promising to be an action packed week, we are looking forward to cool days and lots of learning!

New Farmers + Student Farming Workshop

An introduction to small-scale biointensive farming with JM Fortier, Dany Bouchard and Ecolibrium Farms

Market Gardening 3.0

Workshop For Intermediate & Advanced Farmers