How small farms can change the world
in a BIG way!

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A Public Discourse

Join JM Fortier for an evening of discussion on how we can play a role in creating a food system based in nature and community

Thursday, October 17 | 6-9pm
The Collective Seattle
400 Dexter Ave N

What if the future of agriculture allowed for small-scale, ecological, farming that nourished communities and provided a meaningful life for the farmer? What if all we needed to feed the world was food grown with care, by and for people who care? And what if you could be part of making that vision possible?

Join JM Fortier: farmer, teacher, and author of best-selling "The Market Gardener", alongside a group of local small-scale farmers from the Seattle area for an evening of discussion and inspiration about how we can all play a role in bringing about an agricultural transition toward food systems based in nature and community.

Through a keynote address from Fortier and a panel discussion about the opportunities and challenges facing local farmers in the area, we will explore the ways we relate to food, nature and each other in our everyday lives.

Come join the discussion & share lovely food and drinks from local producers!


Presented by The Market Gardener, The Collective, Ecolibrium & Tilth Alliance